Considering a Career with Us?

Optimum Anesthesia is a dynamic and diverse group of nurse anesthetists who enjoy ongoing job satisfaction and success. Our independent CRNA practice works with ambulatory care centers, hospitals and office-based physicians to improve quality of healthcare. We’re 100% committed to patient comfort and safety and expect the same of our anesthetists. Our partners and employees collectively have over 200 years of healthcare experience. All of them are members of the American Association of Anesthetists (AANA).

What Can You Look Forward To?

To list a few things:

  • Competitive pay and attractive benefits
  • Expert contract management
  • Work flexibility and more personal time
  • And more…

Working With Us

Our premier anesthesia company is growing at a rapid pace. We need skilled, energetic, and passionate nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists to help us meet the rising demand for our anesthesia services. We currently serve medical organizations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia as regionalized CRNA staffing helps our clients and employees establish a comfortable work pattern. We are also open to working with healthcare facilities nationally, large or small. The aim is to optimize patient safety and procedural efficiency.

To Determine if Optimum is a Good Fit for You…

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